Yes, And. All you need

My metaphorical pharmacy stocks one remedy only, and that improv. Improv can offer support and often a cure to the illness of an overcrowded, fearful and self-conscious mind. If ever there was a time that one’s mind could be overcrowded, fearful and self-conscious, this is it.

Improv asks that we see the “offer” in every situation. What does this allow me to do, rather than forbid? What can I learn from this? What good can be gleamed from this situation? Every generation has churned out entrepreneurs who saw the apparently non-existent “offer”, and make millions packaging and selling the solution of that age.

Improv is a base in every solution. It can enrich any conversation and deepen our understanding of all our interactions. Improv doesn’t require a PhD or a certain qualification, it only asks that you are mindful of a few certain principles.

Over the years I have focused myself on these principles. Over time these principles have become a way of life for me. I call this newer perspective on life “Improv-Eyes”. Seeing the world through the lens of improv stops me dwelling on the negative. The lens focuses on opportunity, potential collaboration and saying “yes”.

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