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Three ways to recognise when you are “Stuck”


Creativity implies a flow of ideas or moments of inspiration. In a solution-focussed mind-set, we can figure our way out of tight spots and navigate unexpected twists and turns that life seems to present to us. A “stuck” mind-set can be equated to a wheel which we propel round and round, but get nowhere. There can be plenty of momentum more

Saying isn’t Doing: The Importance of company policy on Creativity and Innovation

27 AUGUST 2013

I am sure you have been asked several times during your working life to “think outside the box”. It is one of those phrases that seems to encompass a lot while saying a little. A lot of commentators have said that Irish industry needs more ideas and yet we seem to focus very little time or effort on what it more

Lime-light on the Green-Eyed Monster – 4 ways to handle other people’s ideas

19 AUGUST 2013

A lot of talk about new ideas centres on the generation of ideas within the individual. This of course is vital, but it misses a very important component. What if you are not the person who generates the new idea, and how do you handle that? I have often felt threatened by good ideas. I have felt they have exposed more

Imaginary Business – Being Busy Doing Nothing

13 AUGUST 2013

Freeman Dyson, who has carved out a career over 50 years in theoretical physics, was interviewed as a subject on creativity(See Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi “Creativity”). He was the only one out of 91 who at the time of the interview process, wasn’t up to much. I don’t know about you, but I can find that space of “not being up to more

Reintroducing Creativity in Your Organisation: 3 factors which will promote new ideas

06 AUGUST 2013

It’s obvious that when we educate our workforce to compete and win in order to succeed, and to make sure their voice is the loudest, we impede a creative culture. Steven Johnson mapped innovations over the past 400 years, and the trend has been towards collaboration in creating new useful ideas. Useful ideas such as Penicillin, the Internet and Vitamins. more

What to do with a Good Idea

29 JULY 2013

The magic of collaboration – its about a plan……not open-plan

29 JULY 2013

I had the best experience recently on stage with my fellow troupe members. We performed out of our skins to a packed audience and the audience were equally encouraging with their laughter and feedback. It was a real-time experience of how 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=100. It makes me reflect on how much we were able to create, and how that sort of collaboration more

Reasons Why Creativity should matter for Organisations

22 JULY 2013

The Three Little Pigs is a great illustration of how we need to prepare ourselves for external threats. Only one pig was able to build something that could withstand the wolf’s huff and puff. What would have happened if instead of a viscous wolf, there came a vicious mole, or a vicious bull who could have charged the door? I more

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