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Episode 9: 3 ways to use “Yes, And” and be instantly more energized

06 APRIL 2014

Name Email In today’s post I look at 3 ways, which take literally minutes to practise, which show how “Yes, And” can improve your day.

Episode 8: The Yes, And Technique

31 MARCH 2014

Name Email This technique is something every improviser learns and will help you develop a more positive mindset. Find out more about it by clicking play on the video:

Episode 7: 3 ways to Eliminate Self-Judgement

06 MARCH 2014

Name Email All those hours watching the safecross code adverts as a child have finally paid off!!!!!! Here is my three step technique for stopping self-judgement in its tracks.

Some Improv Games for working one on one with learners

02 MARCH 2014


Some Group Games for Classrooms(minimum 5 people)

02 MARCH 2014

Group Games

Episode 5: “Same Old, Same Old” versus “New New New”

28 FEBRUARY 2014

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Episode 6: Are you your own worst judge?

28 FEBRUARY 2014

Name Email This weeks episode looks at judgement, which is creativity’s #1 enemy. It is easy to spot when others judge us, but what about when the harshest critic lies within? Here are 4 ways to spot when we are our own worst judge.

Episode 4: “I” Versus “We”

14 FEBRUARY 2014

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