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Welcome to The Creative Institute

Based in Limerick, Ireland, The Creative Institute was set up to help unlock creativity within individuals and organisations. In unlocking this creativity at an individual level, key core skills such as problem-solving, idea generation and communication skills are vastly improved. We aim to get our clients “unstuck” using cutting edge methods like Neuro  Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Improv, alongside coaching, facilitation and .

We at the Creative Institute believe that everybody is creative, but current lifestyles and frameworks don’t support creativity. We are educated to think in linear, black and white terms, and our natural curiosities are often stifled because we don’t have the time or are afraid of the unknown.

At The Creative Institute, we use a variety of approaches to assist individuals and organisations to reignite the creative spark that lies within all of us. We do this in the following ways:

  1. Group training and workshops in Businesses- tailor made to your requirements
  2. Group motivational/energizing talks

Our Creativity Experts facilitate organisational growth in a playful yet effective manner. Call us today on 086-1224455 to book a free consultation or to hear more about our cutting-edge creative training workshops, lectures,  and talks.