Flavie Motte – HR Director BNP Paribas

Tracy worked with us in the delivery of our Continuous feedback Initiative. She brought energy and enthusiasm to the project, firstly adapting the materials for our teams in Ireland and then rolling out the programme face to face with our Managers in multiple sites.

Our Managers found Tracy to be highly engaging as a trainer, and she worked with them to adopt new tools and strategies to improve their engagement with their teams.

We highly recommend Tracy as a trainer/ facilitator and hope to work again with her in the future.

Emma D’Arcy, Owner, Integral Marketing

Tracy has opened my eyes to the endless creative possibilities within me, and she has illustrated and given me the tools to help me allow my creative side contribute significantly to my business. Tracy’s creative process has shown me that I can use creativity to help gain new business, innovate on a number of levels & gain confidence in speaking my mind in any group/business situation. I highly recommend Tracy’s services to any entrepreneur that wants help to think outside the box.

Colm O’ Brien, Founder, Carambola Kidz

Tracy has a unique style and an equally unique proposition. We found her to be both engaging and challenging and would recommend other organizations and/or individuals to meet with her to understand more clearly what she is offering. It costs nothing to talk!

Richard Lynch, Managing Director, ILOVELIMERICK

I would highly recommend Tracy Aspel. She came and spent one day with our team and in one day built up our spirit and motivation. At the time we had hired her the morale was very low and the team was feeling very negative. Tracy took the time to meet with us before planning the day and incorporated the key objectives into the team day activities. She focused the team on business objectives and the learning from challenges, rather than seeing these as mistakes or failures. She gave us clarity around where we needed to improve but also acknowledged our successes and our strengths.

In a very short time frame she covered a lot of crucial issues. It was amazing to get an email containing an in depth analysis in terms of the outcome report of the findings of the day. I was able to sit down with my partners and review everything we had learned. Tracy has a fantastic sense of humour which really helps to do what she does. She always managed to make us smile which I felt was a really important attribute in terms of motivating our team.

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