Improv-Eyes in Action: Education and Business

The Creative Institute fuses improvisation with the best teaching, training, facilitation, coaching and mentoring tools and methods to get you results. Improvisation – the art of thinking on your feet with confidence and ingenuity – helps you be at your creative best in a fun, authentic and engaging way.

Businesses and Schools are now recognising the importance of creativity for getting the very best out of their groups. Play has long been excluded from workspaces and deemed an elective part of everyday life. It is becoming increasingly obvious that creativity is not an add on for how we interact; it is essential to how we choose to progress and grow.

Creativity is innate. We merely have to dig down underneath our own fears around uncertainty and judgement to unearth it. If that seems challenging to you then you’re not alone. The reason that “being” creative is hard is simple; we are educated to think in a convergent way. We filter out and discourage too many options rather than welcome

Want a more Creative Approach in your Workspace?

 We show you how to improv-eyes®

Get unstuck with any of the following services:

improv-eyes™ for Students


Our improvisation classes work with learners of all ages to develop the following core skills:

  • Concentration
  • Listening
  • Teamwork
  • Literacy skills
  • Confidence

If you have a group/class which is interested in developing the above, please contact us.


improv-eyes™ for Educators

  • Are you a  Manager who wants your team to solve problems or generate new ideas?
  • Would you like to offer training which is different and engaging?
  • Would you like to learn skills to bring your team with you?
  • Would you like to develop skills to allow you to adapt your training to any situation?

improv-eyes will help you to maximise your company’s creative juices.



improv-eyes™ together (group day and evening workshops)

Improv-Eyes can help you get your point across. Improvisation is rapidly becoming the development tool of choice for big and small groups alike.

  • Want to put the pep back into the step of your speeches/presentations/pitches?
  • Are presentations something you dread, but have to do?
  • Would you like to communicate better with clients/patients/customers?

Our half and full-day workshops are designed to make the unknown exciting rather than daunting, and idea generation a pleasure, not a chore.

The most important aspect of our training is that it is fun. We guarantee participants will enjoy the experience whilst gaining practical skills to take back into the workplace.

We facilitate workshops both in the daytime and evening, as we recognise some businesses work beyond normal working hours.


improv-eyes™ one-on-one

Our Individual Sessions combine coaching and mentoring with powerful NLP techniques like Breakthrough and The Disney Strategy. Designed to tap into your creative source, these sessions help free you up to communicate your message t your audience.

All sessions are customised to your specific requirements.