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The Paradigm Shift – Altering your reality for improved creativity

19 MARCH 2013

When you looked at the image, did you see three or four bars? I saw four, but then looked again until I saw three. We all have different maps of our immediate landscape, and we navigate our lives accordingly. This is fine if everything is working out perfectly, but what if you are feeling uninspired? Have you ever looked at more

What to do with a good idea

05 MARCH 2013

Passion…….at the very heart of creativity

18 FEBRUARY 2013

Stories of struggle – of passion – if these women can do it, we can do anything

Sometimes introducing new ideas into a company can feel like this

14 FEBRUARY 2013

Timmy and Terrence: Just what is Creativity Anyway???

14 FEBRUARY 2013

Disciplined Improvisation

04 FEBRUARY 2013

Click here to view Disciplined Improvisation pdf.

The Benefits of Play

02 FEBRUARY 2013

Amazing TED talk by Stuart Brown . 

Charlie Todd highlighting power of improvisation

24 JANUARY 2013