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Do you trust your gut instinct

27 APRIL 2014

Name Email In my experience, the gut instinct points to the most original ideas, but do we always trust it? Here is one way to check…

One guaranteed way to generate new ideas

21 APRIL 2014

Name Email This week’s exercise is quick and easy…and the more you use it, the more ideas/solutions you will come up with!

Improv-Eyes – An analysis of the impact of using improvisation exercises with primary schools students for improved listening, concentration and creativity

15 APRIL 2014

ImprovEyes Paper


“Yes, But”….. oh no, there is a “but”..

13 APRIL 2014

Name Email Sometimes caution is a good thing, but sometimes caution is a bad thing. Have you every noticed how you tend to remember only what comes after the “but”? Is that always such a good thing? Here is what happens when you change “Yes, And” into “Yes, But”

Episode 9: 3 ways to use “Yes, And” and be instantly more energized

06 APRIL 2014

Name Email In today’s post I look at 3 ways, which take literally minutes to practise, which show how “Yes, And” can improve your day.

Episode 8: The Yes, And Technique

31 MARCH 2014

Name Email This technique is something every improviser learns and will help you develop a more positive mindset. Find out more about it by clicking play on the video:


Episode 7: 3 ways to Eliminate Self-Judgement

06 MARCH 2014

Name Email All those hours watching the safecross code adverts as a child have finally paid off!!!!!! Here is my three step technique for stopping self-judgement in its tracks.


Some Improv Games for working one on one with learners

02 MARCH 2014