Want a more Creative Approach in your Workspace?

 We show you how to improv-eyes®


Improv-Eyes® is a philosophy which aims to bring a creative and interactive approach to learning.

We offer full and half-day options for Groups. In addition to the training options below, we also offer corporate talks. 

As an accomplished public speaker with 20 years of workshops, performances and training Tracy Aspel delivers talks that are engaging, practical and get people talking. She has delivered speeches at conferences and also at CPD events for staff training.


Workshop Option 1: Creative Problem-Solving training for Groups

Do you have a team which needs new ideas?

Does your group work in a constantly adapting environment which demands flexibility and rapid response? 

Creative Problem Solving Workshops are an energizing learning experience for groups which provide the following elements:

  1. They bring teams together quickly through a series of high interactive games
  2. They let a group explore idea generation in a relaxed and explorative way
  3. They give each individual tools they can apply to boost their individual creative potential

We offer half day and full day  interactive workshops on the above.

Workshop Option 2: Team-building days


Workshop Option 3: NLP for your Business

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short is a rapid transformational tool which gives insights into how to communicate more effectively and eliminate roadblocks to success. It is particularly useful for the following skill-sets:

  1. Public Speaking and Presentations
  2. Effective Sales Techniques
  3. Stress Management and Workplace Well-being.

We offer half day and full day  interactive workshops on the above.

Work with us to bring the Improv-Eyes® approach to your work space.  To find out more about any of the above, email:

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improv-eyes™ for Educators

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