A fun way to improve listening in groups

A fun way to improve listening in groups

08 June 2014

I use this one at nearly every workshop and it never fails to get people laughing and in the moment!

A quick technique to get people cooperating

03 June 2014

Present Fearlessly

26 May 2014

This technique is so easy to do, and once you can do it, you can present ANYTHING!!!!!

Keeping younger people occupied

19 May 2014

Here is a technique for keeping children(5-12) occupied on car journeys or indeed any trip which involves you, them , and the need for quiet

A little relaxation….

12 May 2014

Lots of research has been done on the “flow” state, where we become so absorbed in what we do we lose ourselves in the activity. How about losing ourselves in relaxation? How peaceful would that be?



A simple technique to improve listening

05 May 2014

This week is all about listening. This is a great technique to improve focussed listening and attentiveness.

Do you trust your gut instinct

27 April 2014

In my experience, the gut instinct points to the most original ideas, but do we always trust it? Here is one way to check…

One guaranteed way to generate new ideas

21 April 2014

This week’s exercise is quick and easy…and the more you use it, the more ideas/solutions you will come up with!

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