Procrastinating Much?

Procrastinating Much?

25 April 2019

Keeping younger people occupied

19 May 2014

Here is a technique for keeping children(5-12) occupied on car journeys or indeed any trip which involves you, them , and the need for quiet

A little relaxation….

12 May 2014

Lots of research has been done on the “flow” state, where we become so absorbed in what we do we lose ourselves in the activity. How about losing ourselves in relaxation? How peaceful would that be?



“Yes, But”….. oh no, there is a “but”..

13 April 2014

Sometimes caution is a good thing, but sometimes caution is a bad thing.

Have you every noticed how you tend to remember only what comes after the “but”?

Is that always such a good thing?

Here is what happens when you change “Yes, And” into “Yes, But”

Being Authentic

10 October 2013

What to do with a Good Idea

29 July 2013

Lessons about life from Improvisation

18 July 2013

Funny : How to make things funny

14 June 2013

Making things funny can make them more creative, and hey presto there is some science behind how to make something funny.

Short 15 minute video on unlearning to be found here :

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