Ken Robinson in an image

Ken Robinson in an image

25 April 2019

Procrastinating Much?

25 April 2019

Great video on how our mind sabotages us in getting stuff done. The last 4-5 minutes in particular are powerful

Yes, And. All you need

02 November 2017

My metaphorical pharmacy stocks one remedy only, and that improv. Improv can offer support and often a cure to the illness of an overcrowded, fearful and self-conscious mind. If ever there was a time that one’s mind could be overcrowded, fearful and self-conscious, this is it. Improv asks that we see the “offer” in every situation. What does this allow more

3 reasons why Improv isn’t just for stage

01 November 2017

I have talked with people from different countries about improv. The degree to which improv is widely known as a learning tool varies from country to country. Obviously improv needs to clarification to an American, and it seems better understood in the UK than Ireland, and thankfully its reach continues to group as does its impact. Here in my opinion more

The day I started liking, and learning improv

01 November 2017

I had been attending improv workshops for about 2 months. I was painfully aware of how awkward I felt, and how blank my usually full mind went when called upon to be spontaneous. That was the whole point of course, but it felt so unnatural to me. One particular Monday evening we played the audience game. This game involved all more

Life is Improv, why don’t we teach it?

31 October 2017

Last night my daughter transformed a rolled up oven sheet into a broomstick. I said “yes”, rolled up another sheet and went on a short ride through the skies with her. Today that sheet could be a magic carpet, a fan or something I could never dream of concocting. I am hoping that in two years when she starts school more

Creativity is a Journey, not the Destination

22 January 2015

Do you want more ideas? Do you want to get unstuck? Are you still looking for that quick fix? Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to make one sales call, and sales kept coming through? Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to upload one social media post, and your marketing was complete? We know that sales more

Resources for Special Needs Assistants

01 July 2014

Hello All, it was great meeting you and here is the list as promised. GAMES SNA’s

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