How improvisation can help teachers in the classroom

How improvisation can help teachers in the classroom

10 June 2015

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Creativity is a Journey, not the Destination

22 January 2015

Do you want more ideas? Do you want to get unstuck? Are you still looking for that quick fix? Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to make one sales call, and sales kept coming through? Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to upload one social media post, and your marketing was complete? We know that sales more

Keeping younger people occupied

19 May 2014

Here is a technique for keeping children(5-12) occupied on car journeys or indeed any trip which involves you, them , and the need for quiet

A little relaxation….

12 May 2014

Name Email Lots of research has been done on the “flow” state, where we become so absorbed in what we do we lose ourselves in the activity. How about losing ourselves in relaxation? How peaceful would that be?    

“Yes, But”….. oh no, there is a “but”..

13 April 2014

Name Email Sometimes caution is a good thing, but sometimes caution is a bad thing. Have you every noticed how you tend to remember only what comes after the “but”? Is that always such a good thing? Here is what happens when you change “Yes, And” into “Yes, But”

Reigniting the Creative Spark

07 October 2013

We are fast approaching the season of the home fire. Whether it’s a gas switch or the laying of kindling, a warm cosy fire represents winter and togetherness. Of course, the gas fire is easier to keep going, provided you have paid your bill. The man-made fire takes a little more work. This reminds me of the several years of more

Three ways to recognise when you are “Stuck”

02 September 2013

Creativity implies a flow of ideas or moments of inspiration. In a solution-focussed mind-set, we can figure our way out of tight spots and navigate unexpected twists and turns that life seems to present to us. A “stuck” mind-set can be equated to a wheel which we propel round and round, but get nowhere. There can be plenty of momentum more

Saying isn’t Doing: The Importance of company policy on Creativity and Innovation

27 August 2013

I am sure you have been asked several times during your working life to “think outside the box”. It is one of those phrases that seems to encompass a lot while saying a little. A lot of commentators have said that Irish industry needs more ideas and yet we seem to focus very little time or effort on what it more

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