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3 reasons why Improv isn’t just for stage

I have talked with people from different countries about improv. The degree to which improv is widely known as a learning tool varies from country to country. Obviously improv needs to clarification to an American, and it seems better understood in the UK than Ireland, and thankfully its reach continues to group as does its impact.

Here in my opinion are the three main reasons we need to take this funny stuff more seriously:

1: It works quickly. Any trainer or consultant using improvisation will tell you that the effects of participating in an improv exercise are quick and often surprising for participants. In today’s cluttered work environment, it is nice to find something inherently efficient for improving numerous skills such as confidence, creativity and communication.

2: It is easily replicable. Providing you remember the basic rules of improv, a good facilitator can run the games in-house after seeing and possibly participating in the exercises for themselves.

3: It is fun. We can all sit through and endure PowerPoint presentations and bestow praise on yet another glossy training manual, but why would you choose this over a playful option for learning? I have seen first-hand that a powerful transition in groups occurs when they understand that they have permission to play. Within that playful space, true inspiration flourishes. I have yet to find a PowerPoint presentation that gives me the same sense of freedom.

Improv offers a treasure trove of treats to the group that says “Yes”, and tries it out. May it continue to spread amongst our communities and make us all happier.

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