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posted in Journal : 19th Nov

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How improvisation can help teachers in the classroom

posted in Journal : 10th Jun

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Creativity is a Journey, not the Destination

posted in Articles,Journal,Toy Box : 22nd Jan

Do you want more ideas? Do you want to get unstuck? Are you still looking for that quick fix? Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to make one sales call, and sales kept coming through? Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to upload one social media post, and your marketing was complete? We know that sales more

Resourcing SNA’s : Fridays 13/6/14 and 27/6/16, Clare and Limerick

posted in Articles,Toy Box : 01st Jul

Hello All, it was great meeting you and here is the list as promised. GAMES SNA’s

Present Fearlessly

posted in Journal,Toy Box,Video Clips : 26th May

Name Email This technique is so easy to do, and once you can do it, you can present ANYTHING!!!!!

Keeping younger people occupied

posted in Articles,Journal,Video Clips : 19th May

Here is a technique for keeping children(5-12) occupied on car journeys or indeed any trip which involves you, them , and the need for quiet

A little relaxation….

posted in Journal,Toy Box,Video Clips : 12th May

Name Email Lots of research has been done on the “flow” state, where we become so absorbed in what we do we lose ourselves in the activity. How about losing ourselves in relaxation? How peaceful would that be?    

Do you trust your gut instinct

posted in Journal,Toy Box,Video Clips : 27th Apr

Name Email In my experience, the gut instinct points to the most original ideas, but do we always trust it? Here is one way to check…

One guaranteed way to generate new ideas

posted in Journal,Toy Box,Video Clips : 21st Apr

Name Email This week’s exercise is quick and easy…and the more you use it, the more ideas/solutions you will come up with!

Improv-Eyes – An analysis of the impact of using improvisation exercises with primary schools students for improved listening, concentration and creativity

posted in Articles,Toy Box : 15th Apr

ImprovEyes Paper