Improv-Eyes™ Workshop –Maldron Hotel, Limerick,  Saturday May 17th – 9.30a.m.-4p.m.


I am really excited to be sharing this course with you, it has been 6 years in the making and after 100’s of improvisation performances and countless hours of research it is finally ready!
First and foremost, it is important you have all the information you need about the course. If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, then Improv-Eyes™ is for you:

Are you sick of some relationships feeling like “hard work”?
Do you sometimes wish you had a different job or worked for yourself?
Would your life be easier if you looked forward to certain social situations instead of dreading them?

When what you are doing isn’t working for you…..improv-eyes™!

Imagine your day filled with opportunities instead of problems, collaborators rather than competitors, and fun rather than stress?
Improv-Eyes™ has been designed to re-energize you in a way that stretches beyond the workshop room, so you will begin to feel and think differently about challenges and situations that used to cause you stress.

If this sounds appealing, then this one-day workshop is for you. Your investment for the workshop is €97.

This one day workshop will help you to:
• Make Clear Decisions
• Instantly increase your energy levels
• Figure out exactly how to get unstuck so you can make good financial, personal and strategic changes in your life

Why Me?
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I put on my Improv-Eyes™ in 2008, when I discovered improvisation. Using simple exercises I was able to transform how I looked at difficult situations and step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to use this experience coupled with my law and business background to facilitate others letting go of a whole lot of unnecessary stress and worry.
Don’t worry, this isn’t an acting or performance workshop. You will be working with each other, not performing for each other, and I guarantee this will be both a fun and productive experience.

By the end of the day you will have:
Proven tools to improve difficult relationships
• Techniques to help generate solutions to problems
• Effective methods of reducing and eliminating stress
• New ways to ensure you are thinking positively and living the life that you deserve

What my clients have to say:
I’ve regularly enlisted Tracy’s creative skills to help me to develop and test new business ideas. Her impressive background and talents make her a master in communications and creativity in business. I’ve attended a number of Tracy’s creative workshops and have been inspired by her passion and her unique and fun approach – Breda S., Limerick

Tracy’s personality is her gift, putting everyone in the room at ease right from the start. Her workshop was well planned, creative, and completely refreshing – Caroline O’M, Clare

I would highly recommend Tracey Aspel. She came and spent one day with our team and in one day built up our spirit and motivation. At the time we had hired her the morale was very low and the team was feeling very negative….. Tracy has a fantastic sense of humour which really helps to do what she does. Richard L., Limerick

Book your place on this workshop for only €97. I am limiting the number of places so make sure to book in advance by clicking the link below:

Sometimes caution is a good thing, but sometimes caution is a bad thing.

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Is that always such a good thing?

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